Monday, 3 January 2011

The American Reich

I admit to watching the Godfather trilogy on TV over the last couple of nights. As I watched Godfather II it raised questions in my mind about fascism mongst Italian Americans around the time I'm contemplating playing on the tabletop. Not suprisingly I did a little digging and turned over a rich seam of potential! Not just amongst the Italian American communities but organised and bankrolled fascism across the breadth of American society.

And then of course there's a potential springboard for Irish fascist involvement with O'Duffy and his Blueshirts coming to the more furtile recruiting ground amongst Irish Americans rather than heading off to fight with his "Irish Brigade" in Spain.

And from there....well! The entire Spanish Civil War with it's struggle between the two greatest ideologies of the twentieth century transported lock, stock, and gun barrel to Kansas.....Philadelphia, Ohio, New Jersey.


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