Thursday, 17 March 2011

Men In Tights

I was too young to understand the naughtiness of The Borgias when it first appeared on British TV back in the seventies. But something left a lasting impression and Renaissance Italy has always been an interest. Unfortunately the accepted picture of warfare in Renaissance Italy have been skewed by fatuous Edwardian translations of Machiavelli being repeated verbatim reinforced by post world war prejudice of Italian martial prowess.

Until now, there's only been make-do's for the Italians and the 'Medici Ascendency' in 28mm. Those figures that did exist were often tied up in packs with other figures, making it uneconomic. many years ago (Gauntlet era)  I ordered 28mm Mirliton samples direct from Italy - but the figs just let me down. Too Hinchliffe.

Now, with the Perrys and Assault Group combined I have the oppotunity to create something that's 80-90% there. I have quite a few Foundry (ex Citadel) heroic 25mm and the Perry European heads or armoured heads from the Mercenaries plastics pack would be ideal for creating the 'right' look for the figures I have.

I have just over £6 credit with Maelstrom which means I can get the Mercs pack for a £10. If I also buy one pack of European heads from Perrys and plan out any further purchases in stages over next three months I should have two skirmish forces by end of April and two small but complete Condottieri/Early Renaissance 'switch' armies by end of June/beginning of July.

I think the Assault Group Italian Arquebusiers are a must. I'll also get some of their Neopolitan Spanish as makeweights for one side and give it a Spanish flavour as and when required. Same too with Scots/ Early Tudor English.

Rules - agree, something fun - contingent based and use Song of Blades and Heroes for skirmish.


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