Sunday, 6 March 2011

A return to Casale and don't spare the horses!

Well, yes and here we go again. What progress have I made in the Return To Casale? One glued up figure......but he is in a classic pose - sword down to side and hand on hip, looking a bit narked.

I have however had an idea re the rules issue. I want to recapture the feel of my early collection of minifigs; my spaniards were 1 officer, a sword & bucklerman, 3 arquebuses (2 of which were probably french) and a pikeman (who was swiss) -they all had morions, so to my mind they were Spaniards!!

That makes 6 figures -which is the exact number you need for a company base in FILE LEADER; so, i make up figs in multiples of 6 and use FILE LEADER. Or do I? What about the rules from The Perfect Captain, SPANISH ACTIONS? Thats OK for an army of 20 figures......Thing is, FILE LEADER also has horse in troops of 3 figures.

Perhaps FILE LEADER chromed up with the cards from Spanish Actions?

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