Monday, 21 March 2011

Plastic Fury!

And the march of the plastic Tercio er marches on. After a couple of gluing sessions the armies now stand at (in Spanish/Very Civile Action terms):

Troop = 3 figures

The Spanish
2 Troops of pike
2 troops of shot
2 horsemen
A Captain on foot

The Imperialists
1 troop each of pike & shot with a Captain

The French
2 troops of pike
2 troops of shot
2 horsemen
2 Captains

2 troops of shot, 3 if I slot in a drummer
1 troop of pike

Taggart's Mercenary Company
1 Captain Taggart
1 troop pike
2 troops shot

Kleist's Mercenaries
1 Kleist
1 troop shot

I am now using the dreaded "pike at charge" arms - lets face it, they are going to be a complete sod to use given the pikes extend about 3" to the front. I am also running low on the plastic pikes (the metal ones are really nice but our cat once charged a brick of 28mm SAS figures, so pointy headed - frankly REAL 28mm pikes, fail on H&S grounds. As I have three whole boxes (Imperial, Swede and firelock), I have torsos to spare, its bases (I am using the small individual bases) and pikes I running low on.

Once Kleist has a troop of pike, its ho for the horse. 3 or 2 figs per troop? Either way, with 2 cav boxes to play with, most will have a cornet - so the horse will look nice.

Then, its over to rules. TPCs Spanish Actions/VCA looks like the favourite; I just need to cross reference ECW units to TYW/Mantuan War types. And of course, give it that "Flashing Blade" feel as well. In that context, the Swedes are chrome but once you are onto the Spanish Road, well it's hard to get off. On to Casale!

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